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January 27, 2019


Passage: Matthew 6:1-18

Bible Text: Matthew 6:1-18 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: First Things First | How we worship matters.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we as humans have a tendency to overcorrect. We swerve to avoid the bump in the road and end up hitting a tree. We do this in so many different ways, but one of the most detrimental ways we’ve overcorrected is in our view of God. Too many of us grew up with a vision of God that was angry, vindictive and eager to dish out divine displeasure upon God’s disobedient people. Sound familiar? Thankfully, many of us have rediscovered a different, more accurate picture of God! However, in moving away (justifiably) from the doom and gloom, hellfire and brimstone God, some of us have overcorrected. We’ve created a distant, pacified god who really doesn’t care what we do or how we live, so long as we’re relatively nice to each other and show up to church from time to time. In Matthew 6, we are presented with a much fuller picture of God. Today, I want to invite you to experience that God, who invites us into real, authentic relationship and calls us to worship in ways that truly matter.