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Why We…
July 15, 2018

Why We…

Passage: James 4:1-12, ESV

Bible Text: James 4:1-12, ESV | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: James Faith & Works

When we learn to be grateful for what we have and content with what we lack, peace is ours in abundance.

Next Steps

Put into your own words what you heard this week.
Reflect on something that seemed good and right in the moment, but in hindsight you can now see was no good for you. If you could go back in the future, what would your present-self tell your past-self to do different?
What do you think it means to say, “Trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart?”
Why is it hopeful news to know that God does not give to us as the world gives to us? How would you apply this truth to your life today?
What is one thing you want to start or stop this week after hearing this week’s message?