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Why is Christianity so hard to believe?
August 25, 2019

Why is Christianity so hard to believe?

Passage: John 12:37-46

Bible Text: John 12:37-46 | Pastor: Erwin Lopez | Series: Un-Answered | There are many reasons to believe in Christianity, what is yours?

In John 12:37-46, it seems everyone had their own reason why they didn’t believe in God. Some folks had a hard heart and others were afraid. We each have our own problems with the faith because God’s story is challenging.   Christianity challenges every aspect of our life. It calls us to move into a place socially, mentally, and spiritually where we are completely uncomfortable. What’s even more interesting is that the walk of faith looks different for every single person. God wants us to make faith our own and not only regurgitate what the tradition has taught us. Yet the one thing we have in common is that Jesus challenges the boxes that we put him in. Just like he did with the crowds, the disciples, and the Pharisees. The followers of Jesus soon realized faith is a continuum, a journey that will always leave us wondering and questioning. We should not be afraid of this reality, but we should embrace it because it opens up our hearts and minds to experience God in a new way every single day.