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Why Has Christianity Done So Much Harm?
September 1, 2019

Why Has Christianity Done So Much Harm?

Passage: Matthew 7:15-23

Bible Text: Matthew 7:15-23 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Un-Answered | Just because a person claims to know Jesus, does not mean that person is actually a follower of Jesus.

Throughout history, Christians have often failed to live and love in a way that reflects the way of Jesus. Why is this? Why would people who claim to know and love God sometimes cause so much harm and pain in the lives of others? Why would some take something so beautiful, something so good, and turn it so, well, bad? At the risk of oversimplifying our response, we must remember that sin distorts – sin takes what God created to be good and corrupts it, twists it, distorts it into something less than God intended. Every good thing is capable of being corrupted and distorted by sin and Christianity is no different. So why has Christianity done so much harm throughout history? Christianity has done harm because it is filled with broken, sinful people just like you and me who are capable of both great, wonderful, beautiful good and terrible, tragic harm. And when this happens, when Christians do things that harm people, we need to be able to recognize that just because something is done in Jesus’ name doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Jesus. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and as the scriptures declare there is grace upon grace, but it is so important for us to repent when we go wrong, seek and offer forgiveness and realize that if we’re not following the way of Jesus, we’re not following Jesus.