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Why does God allow suffering?
September 15, 2019

Why does God allow suffering?

Passage: Genesis 1:26-28

Bible Text: Genesis 1:26-28 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Un-Answered | God is not the source of our suffering – God is the source of our healing.

Why would a good, all-powerful God allow suffering? This is not just a question for theologians and philosophers. No, this is a question – perhaps the question – that every single person will probably deal with at some point or another. It baffles our minds and creates great tension in our hearts when we look upon the pain and suffering in the world and wonder, “Where is God in all this? Why has God allowed this to happen?” Most of us don’t have to look very far to see areas in our own lives where hurt and suffering and loss have caused us to ask these very questions. For what it’s worth, we are finite creatures trying to understand our infinite Creator…which doesn’t mean we can’t know anything, but it is good to remember that we probably can’t know everything. This, however, should not prevent us from asking, wrestling and questioning in order to better understand God. After all, real, Biblical faith is faith seeking understanding. So that’s what we’re doing this weekend – doing our best to try to understand the relationship between God and suffering and us caught in the middle. Thanks for joining us and don’t forget, immediately after service Pastor Bobby will be available in the chapel for anyone who might want to spend a little more time wrestling with this week’s question. I hope tonight speaks deeply to your heart and invites you further into God’s love for you.