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When We Give
October 27, 2019

When We Give

Passage: Acts 4:29-37

Bible Text: Acts 4:29-37 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Generous | When we give boldly of our time, treasure and talents, we speak a language the world can both hear and see.

In Acts 4, we are gifted with a powerful picture of the early church. Filled with the Holy Spirit, these first Jesus followers are bold and daring in both their speech and their generosity. They are completely unreserved not just in their preaching, but in their generosity towards each other as well. And because of their fearlessly free generosity, the world around them was turned upside down and inside out in the best sort of way. What would it look like to preach the good news of Jesus today, not just in daring speech, but in daring generosity as well? Maybe the world today needs to not only hear the gospel, but to see it and feel it as well. It is our conviction, that when we start to give ourselves away like this, the world will be confronted with a picture of the gospel they just can’t ignore.