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What We Give
October 6, 2019

What We Give

Passage: Luke 10:25-37

Bible Text: Luke 10:25-37 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Generous | If we are going to love God with all that we are and love our neighbors as ourselves, we will need to become faithful stewards of all our resources. 

After an amazing experience of mission and evangelism, the excitement of those who’d experienced the power of God is abruptly interrupted. “What’s the most important commandment,” a religious leader demands. “Surely you know Jesus?” Immediately the tone of the day goes from joyful celebration to tense stand-off. But Jesus is unfazed and before his challenger even realizes it, Jesus answers with a story that no one was ready for. The audacity of his response had to shock even his most ardent followers. But as unexpected as his story was, it provides us with a beautiful glimpse of what it looks like to trust God – to really trust God – with all that we have.