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Training Day(s)
March 24, 2019

Training Day(s)

Passage: 1 Samuel 17:24-40

Bible Text: 1 Samuel 17:24-40 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Won by One | It’s not enough just to know who God says you are, at some point you must make the intentional decision to live from it.

When Goliath taunted Israel and mocked God, you’d expect Saul to stand up and fight. However it wasn’t Saul but David who stepped up to put an end to the giant threat. This decision to stand against Goliath was a defining moment for David in which he really began to embrace who God said he was. In much the same way, we too, at some point in our lives, have to make the intentional decision to begin to live freely from who God says we are. It’s wonderful to know who God says we are, it’s another thing to truly begin to live from that knowledge. It’s not always easy or safe, but when we really begin to live from who God says we are, victory is close at hand.