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The Sin of Favoritism
June 17, 2018

The Sin of Favoritism

Passage: James 2:1-13, ESV

Bible Text: James 2:1-13, ESV | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: James Faith & Works

We can’t hold faith in a God who shows no favoritism while we ourselves show favoritism against others.

Next Steps
Heart: When have you been hurt by favoritism? Reflect on how that experience affected you.

Mind: Why do you think we are so quick to base a person’s value on what they have, where they are from or what they can do?

Soul: Read James 2:1-13 and then take a look at the Gospels. How does Jesus interact with people who culturally speaking, are considered “less than”?

Strength: In what ways might you be inadvertently favoring some people over others? What would it look like to change this?

Neighbors: Go out of your way this week to show someone marginalized in our culture that they are lovingly created in the image of God.


Want to go deeper? We’ve got two Bible studies kicking off this week where we’ll be studying the Book of James. They’re both on Wednesdays. The first is at 10 AM at Brickhouse Coffee and the other is at 7 PM at the Panera in Oviedo. We’ll be following the same section of texts covered in the sermon so we can go deeper into the text and key in on areas we didn’t touch on in the sermon. Hope you can make it!