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The Gift of Faith
December 2, 2018

The Gift of Faith

Passage: Genesis 12:1-4

Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-4 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: The Gifts They Gave | Sometimes faith simply means moving on and trusting God more than your past.

As we kick off the season of Advent (the period of time leading up to Christmas), we’ll be preparing our hearts for the gift of Christ by exploring a variety of gifts people gave God and us through the example of their lives. Today we’ll look at the gift of faith—modeled for us by a man named Abram. Abram was a normal guy, living a normal life … until one day God spoke to him and set before him an invitation to do life in a new way. His response to God’s offer would have drastic implications for his family as well as the whole world. That’s the beauty (and tension!) of faith—we can never know just how far-reaching our saying yes or no to God will be.