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Tell No One
September 9, 2018

Tell No One

Passage: Luke 5:12-16

Bible Text: Luke 5:12-16 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Jesus Meek & Wild

Sometimes saying nothing can stir up mystery and wonder that words can never really communicate.

Live it out

Where is there complexity and confusion in your life today? How might God be working through those things in order for you to question the answers that perhaps you’ve never questioned before?
How does it make you feel to know that God doesn’t need you to tell everyone everything always but instead, calls us uniquely to Himself so that the mystery of our lives can say what our words cannot?
Where have/are you obeying your feelings more than God’s word? How has that impacted your life or the lives of others?
Based on what you heard this weekend, what would you say is one thing you need to do or change in response?