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Swimming With Your Clothes On
April 15, 2018

Swimming With Your Clothes On


Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Flashback Event
Sometimes our next right step makes no sense at all. You can spend the rest of your life thinking about what you should do, or you can take a leap of faith and trust God with the results.

When Peter realizes that the man who spoke to them from the shore is Jesus, Peter jumps in – literally. He puts on his clothes, jumps in the water, and begins the 100 yard swim to the shore. But this begs a question: why would Peter get dressed if he knew he was going swimming? Why add clothes back on if he wanted to swim to Jesus as fast as he could? Maybe there’s more going on here than meets the eye. In this the second week of our Flashback series, we’ll be looking for a solution to this question but exploring another significant moment in the life of Peter, a moment that literally caused him and the rest of the disciples to see Jesus in a way they’d never seen before.