By now, you’ve probably heard the saying that “hindsight is 20/20.” We often have more clarity looking back at an event than we did in the actual moment that event was happening. In other words, sometimes we can only really understand today, tomorrow. Hindsight becomes even more significant for Christians. When we bet our lives on Jesus, it’s amazing how we can look back on our lives and discover God was way more involved than we ever realized.

Flashback is a series where we’ll explore the powerful truth that God is at work in our lives long before we ever know God, want God, or even realized we need God. By exploring the life of Peter in John 21, we’ll see how God can meet us in the present, redeem our past, and radically redefine our future.

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More than These

April 29, 2018 Event Do you love me more than these? Jesus may have asked this question of Peter, but it’s a question we must all wrestle with.  After what must have…

Failing Forward

April 8, 2018 Event Though we often perceive failure as an enemy to be avoided, the life of Peter teaches us that failure may actually be a most welcomed friend. In John…