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January 26, 2020


Passage: Exodus 20:1-17

Bible Text: Exodus 20:1-17 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Newness | Maybe the reason we feel overworked and burned out isn’t simply because we’re doing too much, but because we’re ignoring God’s built in rhythm for regular, weekly rest.

A study done recently reported that Americans are spending a little over 5 hours a day on their smart phones. You heard that right: 5 hours per day. What’s crazy is that the average American gets under 7 hours a sleep a day. Think about that – we spend almost as much time on our phones during the day, staring at a screen, as we do asleep at night. While this is just one shocking statistic, we could go on and on how about how our schedules keep getting busier and busier and our lives feel more and more hectic. At one point or another, we’ve all wished for “one more day” or even just “one more hour during the day” but if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that that extra hour or extra day would get swallowed up with busyness before we know it. Something has got to give. And yet, while we keep scratching our heads wondering how to change the pace at which we live, God has already structured the week in such a way that every single one of us could instantly experience a change of pace if we simply chose to live according to God’s rhythm rather than the rhythm of our world. God calls this change of pace Sabbath. Today we’ll be exploring what Sabbath means, why it matters, and what it might mean to allow the weekly rhythm of God to replace the idolatrous rhythm we’ve given ourselves over to. If you’re looking for a change of pace, God’s gift of Sabbath might be the solution your soul is craving.