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January 5, 2020


Passage: Isaiah 46:8-9

Bible Text: Isaiah 46:8-9 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Remembering | Let’s not rush into 2020 and forget the powerful things God has done in 2019.

We have a tendency to stockpile and store up stuff to the point that we no longer even remember what we have. How many times have we cleaned a room or garage or house only to be surprised by what we found – shocked by what we forgot we had! It happens to all of us with our stuff and if we’re honest, it happens with what we learn as well. We hear something new at church, we learn something that thrills our heart, something moves us and maybe we write down and think about it for a day or two…but by the time next week rolls around, we’re onto something new. And while we do this weekly, it seems like when we hit the New Year, this only intensifies. This week, rather than rushing into 2020, we want to take a look back at 2019 and remember. We can’t touch on everything, but we can remind ourselves of a few highlights that we want to keep close to our hearts as we enter into 2020. As always, thanks for joining us and for bringing the church into this place, and may our time together help you connect deeply with all that Jesus has for your life. God bless and happy New Year!