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August 4, 2019


Passage: Revelation 3:7‒13

Bible Text: Revelation 3:7‒13 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Love – The Spirit | To a hurting and powerless church, God gives a whole new vision for what power and success looks like.

Jesus’ letter to the church in Philadelphia is one of encouragement and hope. They’ve had a rough go at things. They’re under pressure from the world around them to change, they’ve got little to no power to call their own and, by all worldly standards, they’re anything but successful. And yet, despite all these things, they’ve refused to become what they are not and have continued to keep trusting the name of Jesus.
In response to this, Jesus reminds them of his ongoing presence with them no matter what. More importantly, he reminds them that He is power and He is for them.
All of us at some point or another will experience seasons when, even though it feels like we’re doing everything right, nothing seems to be going, well … right. And it’s in those moments when it is really easy to question the goodness of God or wonder, Is God even here? If you’ve ever been there—or you’re there now—Jesus’ letter to the church in Philadelphia might just be what you need as a reminder that when we are weak, God is strong in us and for us.