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December 9, 2018


Passage: Luke 1:1-17

Bible Text: Luke 1:1-17 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: The Gifts They Gave | Sometimes the most challenging next right step is to persevere right where we are.

This week’s ‘gift’ is the gift of perseverance. To explore this, we’ll look at the story of a couple named Zechariah and Elizabeth as told in Luke 1. Personally, Zechariah and Elizabeth are living under the grief of not being able to have children. Socially, they’re living under the brokenness of a world filled with violence, unrest and intense political turmoil. However, as challenging as their lives are, they don’t let the way things are determine who they are. Despite the personal and social turmoil swirling around them, they persevere in faith right where they are, just as they are and God honors their perseverance in big ways. You might say that perseverance creates space in our lives for God to disrupt our routines in the best sort of ways.