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Out of Hiding
March 4, 2018

Out of Hiding

Passage: Luke 9:1-6 ESV, Genesis 12:1-4 ESV Event

God calls us to Himself in order to send us out in the world, to the world and for the world.

When God calls Abram to Himself in Genesis 12, the calling functions simultaneously as a sending. God calls Abram in order to send Abram to a place he’s never been and to a land he’s never seen. If Abram will do this, God will not only bless Abram, but God will bless the world through Abram. Though Abram must leave everything he’s ever known and has no idea where he’ll end up, his discomfort will yield good news for many. Flash forward many, many years, and the ministry of Jesus takes the calling of Abram even further. Not only does Jesus call disciples to Himself, he equips them with power and authority to do what he does and then sends them out into the world for the sake of the world. In the life and ministry of Jesus, the mission of God is heightened and focused and in the same way God sent Abram and Jesus sent the disciples, we, as God’s redeemed children, are sent out in the world, to the world, for the world.