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Little Things Matter
April 14, 2019

Little Things Matter

Passage: Daniel 1:8-21 (NLT)

Bible Text: Daniel 1:8-21 (NLT) | Pastor: Alberto Buster | Series: Won by One | What does it look like to honor God in a world or culture that doesn’t? Do we take the path of least resistance, compromise our convictions, and yield? Do we become defiant and demand respect for our convictions? Or should we live in subversive and counter-cultural ways that faithfully witness our convictions to the world? We are all called to faithfully witness to the world, but how we do it is just as important as why we do it. Remember…little things matter.

Exiled and enslaved by a foreign and idolatrous kingdom, Daniel and his friends are under immense political and cultural pressure to embrace the lure of power, influence, opulent lifestyles, unfettered privilege and delectable pleasures that king Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian kingdom can offer them.  It would have just been easier to yield, indulge and enjoy; but despite the intense pressure, Daniel remains firm in his conviction and defiant in his cause to not defile himself and break God’s law. As a result of his commitment to honor God in the little things, God gives Daniel favor and wisdom with the king, which is used to influence both the king and Daniel’s friends through subversive living that counters pagan tradition and provides a faithful witness of their convictions and their God to the culture around them.