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Jumping (To Conclusions)
February 24, 2019

Jumping (To Conclusions)

Passage: Jonah 1

Bible Text: Jonah 1 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: On Whales and Worms | We’re continuing our Jonah series talking about some of the difficult questions that are raised by the story. Many of us have grown accustomed to the children’s book version of Jonah’s story, but a closer look reveals some tension. In the story, God rescues and has compassion, but He also proclaims judgment, sends a storm and allows Jonah to be thrown into a raging sea…how are we supposed to make sense of this kind of God?! One of the most beautiful things we’ll find is that God invites us to wrestle with the questions, and meets us in the tension…and in doing so, we begin to grasp the majesty and beauty of God and His Word. What if the God we’ve created in our minds is too small? What if God is actually way bigger, wiser, and more powerful than we’ve come to conclude?