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Help Me Believe
August 18, 2019

Help Me Believe

Passage: Mark 9:20-24

There's power when we realize that to Jesus, struggling faith is still faith.

In Mark 9, there's a father who desperately wants his son to be healed. Jesus tells him that anything is possible for the person who believes. His response? "I believe; help my unbelief!" There's more honesty in those two statements than most of us ever feel permission to express in a church. Modern objections to faith have sent countless Christians and non-Christians alike into a secret struggle with faith, which raises the question: what does it look like for faith to struggle and still be faith? Is struggling faith acceptable to Jesus? If so - how do we struggle well? This weekend we want to explore the father's declaration - "I believe; help my unbelief!" - and realize that the moments when his cry has become our own are not the moments we've submitted to doubt; these are the moments we finally take hold of faith.