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Hasn’t Science Disproven God?
September 8, 2019

Hasn’t Science Disproven God?

Passage: Psalm 104:1, 5-24

Bible Text: Psalm 104:1, 5-24 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Un-Answered | Science and Christianity were never meant to be enemies; they are siblings uniquely gifted to help us wrestle with the complexity of life.

For years now, more and more scientists have claimed that scientific advancements have effectively killed our need for God. Faith, religion and especially Christianity are treated as antiquated superstitions no longer fit for our highly educated and advanced minds… at least, that’s what some claim. But it is true? Has science really killed our need for God? One of the things we must remember is that in much the same way a Christian can say or do something that has nothing to do with Jesus, scientists can say and do things that have nothing to do with science. Science has limits. While science is great at wrestling with ‘how’, it lacks the capacity to effectively address the ‘why’. Rather than being enemies seeking to end each other, Christianity and science would be better viewed as siblings, related but different, who are uniquely capable of addressing questions the other is less suited to address. In this light, science is not an enemy to be feared and faith in God is not a weakness to be abandoned – they are two beautiful gifts we can employ to better understand God, the world and our role within it.