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Failing Forward
April 8, 2018

Failing Forward

Passage: John 21:1-7 ESV

Bible Text: John 21:1-7 ESV | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Flashback Event
Though we often perceive failure as an enemy to be avoided, the life of Peter teaches us that failure may actually be a most welcomed friend.

In John 21, Peter is failing at fishing…again. In Luke 5, Peter had spent all night fishing and had caught nothing. However, his failure that night actually created the context for him to become a follower of Jesus that morning. In similar fashion, his failure at fishing in John 21 created the context for him to discover that his denials of Jesus just before his death had not disqualified him from life with Jesus as a disciple. In both stories, failure provides Peter with a place to encounter the love of God that he may have not been able to see or recognize in the face of great success. In this sense, failure may actually prove to be for us a great friend who creates sacred space for us to see God’s love and grace at work in a way we could not see in any other way.