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Do You Want to Be Well?
March 22, 2020

Do You Want to Be Well?

Passage: John 5:1-15

Bible Text: John 5:1-15 | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: Key Questions | In what ways have you ever felt in-valid? How has this process of social distancing and virus prepping caused you to struggle with feelings of being in-valid or to consider these feelings and fears in others? 

Why do you think it’s important to own your part in the process towards healing and wholeness? 

The man thought he needed the pool to be healed. He was wrong. What he needed was Jesus. What things have you put your trust in that have eventually proven themselves incapable of producing wholeness in you? How has the past week or two called into question things that promised ‘healing’ but have again been exposed as frauds? 

How can we ‘see’ and respond to the needs of others during this unique, challenging time?