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Dead or Alive
June 24, 2018

Dead or Alive

Passage: James 2:14-26, ESV

Bible Text: James 2:14-26, ESV | Pastor: Taylor Fohr | Series: James Faith & Works

Faith without action is dead; faith that wrestles, struggles, and loves is alive.

Next Steps
Heart: Where does your faith feel more dead than alive right now?

Mind: Do some research on the early church and the way that they revolutionized their communities by radically living out their faith.

Soul: Get honest with God and yourself. Identify any excuses, fears, or justifications that have kept you from living out your faith in Christ.

Strength: Where might you need to start wrestling with your faith again?

Neighbors: God didn’t just say He loved us; He showed it by His actions, by sending His Son to live with us and die for us on the cross. How can you show love to those around you this week and not just talk about it?


Want to go deeper? We’ve got two Bible studies kicking off this week where we’ll be studying the Book of James. They’re both on Wednesdays. The first is at 10 AM at Brickhouse Coffee and the other is at 7 PM at the Panera in Oviedo. We’ll be following the same section of texts covered in the sermon so we can go deeper into the text and key in on areas we didn’t touch on in the sermon. Hope you can make it!