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Become the Church
November 10, 2019

Become the Church

Passage: John 13:34-35

Bible Text: John 13:34-35 | Pastor: Taylor Fohr | Series: Ready Or Not | Becoming the Church means becoming a team, a body, and a family.

Throwing a bunch of athletes on a field doesn’t make them a team any more than throwing a bunch of Christians in a room makes them a church. Coming to church is a beautiful and necessary first step, but until we learn what it means to become the Church to one another, we’ll never be able to be the Church we’re supposed to be to a hurting and broken world. Today, we’ll explore the ways that becoming the Church looks like becoming a team, a body, and a family. It is our hope that you’ll leave convicted, encouraged, and empowered to love one another in such a radical way that the world sees Jesus.