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Be the Church
November 17, 2019

Be the Church

Passage: Matthew 16:15-19

Bible Text: Matthew 16:15-19 | Pastor: Kris Holguin | Series: Ready Or Not | When the Church lives into what it is truly meant to be, healing comes and the forces of darkness are put on the defensive.

In Matthew 16, the disciples are wrestling with who Jesus truly is and what that means for them. When Peter’s proclamation meets realization about Jesus being the son of God, Jesus commends his understanding, and then charges Peter and the disciples with a mission. When the people of God discover who Jesus really is and who they are meant to be, they are sent on mission to be the Church, which means the forces of hell and darkness are put on the defensive in a losing battle. The Church is meant to be a body that recognizes its own brokenness, and with hearts and minds centered on Jesus, is qualified to walk alongside the world in its brokenness, knowing that the restoring nature of God is in their hearts and on their side. This is what the Church is meant to be.