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Be Slow, Be Doers, Be Religious
June 10, 2018

Be Slow, Be Doers, Be Religious

Passage: James 1:19-27, ESV

Bible Text: James 1:19-27, ESV | Pastor: Bobby Brooks | Series: James Faith & Works

What do you do when you wait for God to do what only God can do? Be slow to anger, be doers not just hearers, and as strange as it sounds to our ears today, be religious, very, very religious.

Next Steps
HEART: How well do you manage your emotions or do you tend to let your emotions manage you? Reflect on some experiences where your emotions got the best of you. What do those situations reveal to you today?

MIND: We are responsible for what we know, for what we’ve heard. What truth from God’s word do you find yourself downplaying or making excuses for. Why do you think that is?

SOUL: James 1:26-27 reveals that real religion has a social dynamic (care for orphans/widows) and a personal dynamic (keeping oneself unstained). Which dynamic do you tend to overlook? How might that be causing your religion to be, to use the words of James, “worthless”?

STRENGTH: What one change will you make this week for your religion to be more ‘pure’ than it is today? Find someone to share this with so they can help you follow through.

NEIGHBOR: Chances are, we’ve hurt someone at some point with our words and/or anger. Follow up with someone who you need to make things right based on how your anger or emotions got the best of you.

Want to go deeper? We’ve got two Bible studies kicking off this week where we’ll be studying the Book of James. They’re both on Wednesdays. The first is at 10 AM at Brickhouse Coffee and the other is at 7 PM at the Panera in Oviedo. We’ll be following the same section of texts covered in the sermon so we can go deeper into the text and key in on areas we didn’t touch on in the sermon. Hope you can make it!