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As Long as it Takes
December 30, 2018

As Long as it Takes

Passage: Luke 2:25-35

Bible Text: Luke 2:25-35 | Pastor: Taylor Fohr | Series: The Gifts They Gave | In a day and age where almost anything is at our fingertips, what does it look like to wait on God?

When we think of key characters in the Christmas story, names like Mary, Joseph, and Gabriel all come to mind…but what about Simeon? Simeon has been waiting and waiting to encounter Jesus, the Messiah. He didn’t know what He’d look like, where He’d be, or when he would see Him, but the Holy Spirit had revealed to Simeon that he would see the Promised One before he died. Simeon, waiting and holding on to God’s promise, sets an example for us. Culture, technology, media – it’s all trained us to expect things now. In what ways have we transferred that expectation over to God? And how many times have we missed out on what God has for us on the other side of waiting, because our impatience has shortchanged the process?