30 Dec Joy in the Waiting

Jeninne Van Sickle
“You see, waiting isn’t stopping…for those of us who know the Lord, more is expected.”

I don’t know about you, but 2020 and waiting seam to go hand in hand. I found myself wondering – when can we visit friends and family the way we used to? When will we see our world more united than divided? Our world feels less like it should, even more now than it did just a year ago. However, in this season of waiting, I have seen the Lord show up in MORE ways than can be imagined. I just have to stop and look.

You see, waiting isn’t stopping…for those of us who know the Lord, more is expected.

Lamentations 3:26 says, “The Lord is good to those who wait on Him, to the soul that seeks Him.”

I know this from personal experience. I found this verse many years ago and fell in love with it. I wrote it down and pinned it on the wall at my desk. Long story short, in a moment of frustration, I reminded God I was waiting and He reminded me that I was only reading half of it. Was I seeking Him? How many times had I gone to Him and discussed my needs with Him? Had I even spent time looking in Scripture for an answer? No, I wasn’t…so how could I even hear His response?

In the waiting we must seek the Lord. Without seeking Him, we are stagnant. Once the seeking started, I heard the “yes” I was waiting for. I’ve also heard my fair share of ”not yet”s – but I’d much rather hear that than push on in my own timing.

From that point forward, I chose to savor every moment of waiting because that means I’m seeking, and if I’m seeking, that means I’m drawing close to my God.  As long as I’m alive, I will find joy in the waiting.