Thursday 1/21, 7:30 PM

Young adults (post-college age) – we can’t wait to reconnect with you after being on break, so make something delicious for dinner and hop on Zoom for a virtual dinner party before we get started with Bible Study next week! Email Justin for the Zoom link.

Begins February 14 • 10:00 – 11:15 am

Confirmation Sunday: May 2
COST – $30 | Pay online

Register Online (by Feb 5)

Confirmation is a journey for all students, 7th-12th grade, who want to take a 10-week journey through the story of God to learn the foundations of following Jesus. Our hope is to build fun, deep community as we spend time in scripture, prayer and conversation and unpack what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. The cost is $30. If cost becomes an obstacle for your student’s participation, please let us know and we will adjust accordingly. We never want cost to hinder a student’s step deeper in this area!
Expectations + Responsibilities
This is a huge step in the life of your student. Your students will grow in their knowledge of God, their understanding of Christ’s atoning work, and the power of the Holy Spirit alive and at work in and through them. In a world where faithfulness to God is growing increasingly rare, Confirmation is a powerful journey to counter that in the rising generation.
Students will be expected to weekly read and engage with content and scripture in their Confirmation Journal, and actively participate in group discussions when we gather on Sundays. Journals will be available at our first meetings.
We will gather on Sunday mornings from 10-11:15 AM. For this spring semester, we will be meeting in person. We will meet outside (basketball court or prayer garden) as weather allows, or socially-distant in the EPIC Auditorium or Family Room. If we receive enough feedback from folks who cannot attend this spring because of concerns with COVID-19, we will consider doing another Confirmation class in the fall.
Attendance is mandatory each week. However, we also understand our current reality makes that challenging…and our first priority for all families and students is their safety! If your student cannot come to a meeting, we will either “Zoom” you in virtually for that week or meet separately, virtually, during the week.
We will be meeting the following weekends:
February 14, 21, 28
March 7, 21, 28 (not meeting March 14)
April 11, 18, 25 (not meeting April 4)
May 16 (not meeting May 9)
Confirmation Sunday: May 2
Like last year, this year we will have a separate, special Confirmation service for students! That service will be Sunday, May 2, from 1:30-2:30 PM.


Starting January 23, our Saturday Night Family Gathering will start meeting outdoors under the lights at 6 PM—BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR ! The Doggers (our UCF Parking Outreach Ministry team) will have the grill on for FREE hotdogs, chips and water before and after the gathering (on Jan 23).

Our previous Christmas Eve Outdoor gathering was a huge success! We have received great feedback from families and people who attended with a consensus of “why can’t we do this more often?” … and after prayer and provision of our resources, we’ve decided to move our Saturday Night Family gathering outdoors … but it’s designed for ALL versions of family!

This is a great opportunity for those who have not felt comfortable coming back to church indoors, but want to worship with friends and family again in a safe, socially distant and open environment.

The Saturday Night Family gathering will be held outdoors leading up to Easter (April 3) and we will revisit our plans going forward! No worries if you can’t make it … we will be continuing to livestream all of our weekend gatherings.

KIDS & YOUTH—will stay and participate in our gathering. Childcare (6 weeks–PreK) available.

For all in person events: **Everyone is required to wear masks, and practice social distancing. Temperatures will be taken before all gatherings with a touch-free thermometer, and hand-sanitizing stations are available in all meeting spaces. Please honor these as a way of practically loving our community. You can find a full list of safety protocols here.

starting January 13, 2021

UNFAILING by Rob Renfroe — 8 Weeks | Led by the Pastors
We’ve all experienced the pain of broken promises. When those we love fail to keep their commitment to us, we feel betrayed and hurt, less likely to trust again. People fail us. Plans fail. But there is one who is unfailing, who always keeps his word. In Unfailing, pastor and teacher Rob Renfroe reminds us that because God is faithful to his Word we can base our lives on what he has said. And though hard times may follow where we experience confusion, loss, and pain–feeling overwhelmed–if we stand on the promises of God we, too, will not fail. Jesus promised that everyone who hears his words and puts them into practice is like a wise man who builds his house on a rock. Though the storms blow and the streams rise, the house does not fail because it is built on the rock.

Renfroe unpacks seven key ways in which God will not fail you, looking at God’s promises, grace, peace, presence, guidance, power, strength, and love. Each of these is an important and essential aspect of God’s trustworthy and unfailing character, reflecting his faithfulness to you. Each chapter includes a sample prayer as well as personal reflection questions that help you to further apply these truths to your life.

starting January 13, 2021

HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn — 7 Weeks | Led by Bob Fielding
According to Alcorn, the subject of heaven rates as one of the least accurately discussed subjects in the whole of Christendom. Even seminarians fail to give appropriate time and attention to heaven as described throughout the Bible because other themes take pre-eminence both chronologically and preferentially. Alcorn is likewise astounded that the majority of Christians who do take time to consider heaven often possess faulty, nonbiblical assumptions, one of the most common being the misconception of heaven as a place of unending church services.

The author has spent years studying what the Bible says about heaven, and in this compelling and comprehensive resource, he offers every conceivable question about heaven, or the “New Earth,” as a Christian believer’s ultimate destination. Alcorn answers the expected queries on heavenly life as well as quirkier ones: will Christians drink coffee in heaven? Will there be homeownership? Will our pets be in heaven? Evangelical scholars and laypersons alike will appreciate Alcorn’s expansive—though perhaps long-winded—musings on this neglected subject, a real boon in a time when many people are eager to understand what happens after death.

Help save lives! The One Blood Bus will be on University Carillon campus this Sunday, January 17 from 8:30 AM– 1:30 PM. If you are able to donate, please consider doing so.

Participants have the option of redeeming a $10 e-gift card (to places like: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Nike, Target, Panera and more!).

OneBlood is FDA regulated and follows all guidelines to ensure the safety of our patients, donors and staff. Additional safety and social distancing measures have been added to each blood drive and donation center.OneBlood is also offering COVID-19 Antibody testing for all blood donors, as part of the wellness checkup.