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Upward Basketball

Spring 2021 | Begins Week of March 29

Practice Starts: Week of March 29
First Game:
April 10
March 13 and March 20 9-11 AM (Each child must be evaluated for skill level.)
K-8th grade
REGISTER: Online Form
Jesse Bachman at

2021 Spring Basketball Covid Protocols

1. All family members, including players will wear masks to and from practice and games
2. All spectators at games/practices are required to wear masks.
3. Players coming to practice will wear masks until the opening huddle is concluded, at which point they can take them off.
4. Players taking a break on the bench will be asked to wear a mask.
5. We are moving the league back a week to get clear of spring break a little bit. We know there will be travel, and want to ensure we give everyone a week to settle back in and monitor their health.
6. We want to stress the importance of open communication and care for others. Please keep your child home if anyone in your home is sick. Please contact Jesse if you have had contact with someone who has tested positive. Please consider the health of our most vulnerable spectators/family members when making decisions.
7. We will have staging areas for teams coming in for the next game on Friday/Saturday.
8. There will be hand-sanitizing stations posted around the gym. Please encourage all to use them frequently. There will also be a portable hand washing station.
9. Our refs and coaches will be asked to wear a mask at all times, as they will be in close proximity to your children.
10. If there is close contact to a person with a positive test, the team will quarantine for 10 days. This would extend to the opposing team if this happened during a game.
11. We know this is all wildly frustrating to still be dealing with. Please try to keep the perspective that missing a week of basketball is a lot better outcome than an outbreak happening in our league, or causing others to get sick. We all long for the day when this is all over and we can just do everything in a normal way. However, until then one of the ways that we are loving our neighbors in this weird season is to do our best to look out for each other in this manner!