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Good Friday Noon Service

Apr 7 | NOON

n-person only

Take a break from work for this 30-min service reflecting on the events on Good Friday. Soup & bread provided afterwards.

Childcare (6wks–4yrs) available.
*This service will NOT be livestreamed.

What is Good Friday?
Ever since Jesus died and was raised again, Christians have proclaimed the cross and resurrection of Jesus to be the decisive turning point for all creation. Good Friday is the term we use to designate the day on which Jesus willingly went to the cross. On that day, we reflect upon the reality that Jesus suffered and died for the sake of the whole world. While it seems strange to call it “good,” we refer to it in this way not because of what happened, but because of where it leads.

What the world meant for evil, God redeemed in Christ for the good of every person. The horrible events of that Friday would eventually give way to the beautiful victory of Easter Sunday, where we discover that, through Christ, we are not only set free from the penalty of sin, but we are set free to live joyfully and to join God in God’s mission of love for the sake of the world.­