Take courage

“Be courageous. You fight a toothless dragon.” – Spurgeon

I don’t know about you, but that quote makes the child in me start to stir. The 5-year-old part of me starts to swell with inspiration, the part that sees and believes unquestionably in a big, unconquerable God.

Then the “adult” in me begins to seep in – the tired part of me. The part of me that’s worn around the edges by the pains and disappointments of the world. I fight a toothless dragon? Well, my dragon must have claws or something, because life isn’t exactly easy…

But if Colossians 2:15 is true, then we can take courage! Whatever enemies we have were disarmed and stripped of their authority by the triumph of the cross. And if Romans 8:37 is true, then our confidence should swell even more: because of Him, we are more than conquerors. And if Joshua 1:9 is true, then we can be strong and courageous – because our God is with us.

It’s not about diminishing the size or difficulty of our battles; it’s about reacquainting ourselves with the size and power of our God. I think we get the idea that courage looks like big, triumphant moments, like the freedom speech from Braveheart – but too often, I forget where my strength and courage is supposed to come from: not from a feeling of boldness, but from the reality of God’s presence. We can be courageous not because the road ahead isn’t difficult, but because the God beside us is here to stay.

“…all Israel knows that your father is a fighter, and that those who are with him are brave.” 2 Samuel 17:10

My Father is with me and is fighting for me. I don’t know about you, but that makes the child in me start to come alive again.