Vice Verses

What word comes to mind for you when you hear the name “Jesus”? Certainly there are many ways to answer this, but for many people the word “love” just might be the word that comes to mind the loudest. Makes sense right? God is love and Jesus is God, so therefore Jesus is love. While we agree with all this, we also wrestle with it. If you take a few minutes and read any of the Gospels, it won’t take long before Jesus starts saying and doing things that, well…don’t seem very loving. He says weird things, hard things, harsh things and things that don’t sound very Jesus-like.

So what do we do when the Jesus we see in the Bible doesn’t look or sound like the Jesus we’ve established in our minds? This week we’ll be kicking off a new series called “Vice Verses” where we’ll be unpacking some of the more difficult things Jesus said and did. Even though these passages of scripture might sound rather un-Jesus-like, we’re convinced that that with a little time, attention and prayer, the loving heart of God can be seen in them as well, just not in the way we might expect. So we hope you’ll invite some friends and join us for the next six weeks for Vice Verses!

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It’s Time

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