“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love” (1 Cor 13:13). Even if you’re not a “church person,” you’ve probably heard this passage of scripture before. It really is a beautiful and wonderful verse, and I don’t think anyone would argue that we could use a little more love in the world. But have you ever felt like love doesn’t mean what it should mean? It feels like love is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. We use the word “love” to describe how we feel about spouses, children, friends and God; in the next breath ice cream and football and someone’s latest Instagram post. I guess this makes sense. If love really is the greatest, we should expect to see it everywhere and often. But did you catch what Paul, the writer of these words didn’t say? He didn’t say love is the only thing. The greatest yes, but the only – not so much.

You see love is part of a trilogy, a threefold gift that God is given us and in our incessant insistence on love, we may have forgotten the first two. I mean, can you imagine watching your favorite movie trilogy without the first two in the series?!? We’ll be exploring all three parts of this divine Trilogy—faith, hope and love—in order to better understand why they matter and why they are so important for the world to see.

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