The Unseen Real

Maybe it came in a moment of brutal self-reflection. Maybe the question surfaced while surrounded by the superficial. Maybe you were hurting, confused or just plain bored but either way, I’m guessing at some point or another, we’ve all had that strange, surreal feeling that we’ve settled for something less than – that there’s more to life than what we’ve found. But this makes me wonder: if this world is all there is, if the empirical is all that exists, if this world is nothing more than what our senses can experience, why do our hearts resist accepting this? What if our hearts are on to something… What if there is indeed more to this world and more to your life than what your senses can measure? Perhaps there is an unseen real that is even more real than what we can see.

For the next several weeks we’ll be exploring Steve Seamands book, “The Unseen Real” to explore this very idea. If Christ has been raised and is seated at the right hand of God and we are somehow seated with him now in real time, if that is true, why does this world feel more real than that? And better yet, what might happen if we learned to see and believe that we while we are here, we are also “there” with Christ and that what we cannot see is actually more real than what we can? I have a feeling this revelation would change everything. I hope you can join us over the next few weeks as we ask God to open the eyes of our hearts to see the unseen that is ever present around us.

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