The Gifts They Gave

Advent is the season of time leading up to Christmas in which we prepare our hearts for the greatest gift ever given. Better than the latest iPhone, computer or gaming system, God became flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus Christ. But before Jesus was born, ordinary people just like you and me, gave gifts in anticipation of His coming. Some of the gifts they gave were much like the gifts we might think of today – they were tangible and material in nature. While they weren’t necessarily wrapped in paper and bows, they could be touched and held and shared. Others however gave gifts that were far more intangible and honestly, easy to overlook. Gifts like patience, courage, perseverance and even daring disobedience ring out through the Christmas story gracing the pages of scripture with examples of gift giving we can continue today. As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, we hope you’ll join us as we journey through the scriptures and unwrap The Gifts They Gave.

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Sometimes faith simply means moving on and trusting God more than your past. As we kick off the season of Advent (the period of time leading up to Christmas), we’ll…