Love - The Spirit

Whenever you do a teaching series on the book of Revelation, you’re bound to get the “look”. That look is a look that says, “You’re one of them.” And by “one of them” I mean one of those Bible thumping, rapture preaching, mark-of-the-beast fearing Christians who gets super crazy and super sweaty as they point out which modern political figure must be the anti-Christ. I hear you. I see you. This is not one of those series.

Instead, we’re going to focus in on the seven letters written to seven different churches in Revelation 2–3. These were encouraging yet challenging letters written to Christians who we’re doing their best to follow Jesus in complex and confusing times. Some churches needed a reminder of God’s love while others needed to be reminded of the dangers of sin, but regardless of how they were praised or confronted, the grace of God was there for them, equipping them then and us today.

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July 14, 2019
How we love people matters and what we believe about God matters. When a church compromises in either area, love or theology, we become something less than God intends for the…
Like the church in Pergamum, we need to heed the warnings of Christ which will lead us to repentance. Pergamum was a city that Jesus refers to as being "where…


June 30, 2019
The God who suffered for us continues to suffer with us. The letter to the church in Smyrna is a powerful, pastoral letter. There is no rebuke or correction in…


June 23, 2019
It has been said that a ship is safest on shore but also totally useless. So it is with the church. Removed from the world we may be safe, but apart from…
Before we jump into the 7 letters contained within the book of Revelation, it might be good to take a step back and get a bird's eye view of the whole. This…