Kingdom Come

While Jesus taught on many things, perhaps the one message he drove home more than any other was the radical, upside-down Kingdom of God. Sermons, stories and situations alike were leveraged to communicate Jesus’ daring claim that in Him, the Kingdom of Heaven was invading earth right here, right now. And yet, while the kingdom is unfolding here and now, it’s not here fully. In Jesus, God’s present/future kingdom was and is breaking into our world and truly, God is just getting started.

If so many of Jesus’ messages centered around the Kingdom of God, it only stands to reason that we ought to spend some time dancing through his stories and teachings to try to better understand God’s upside down kingdom where losers are winners and the last are first. In a world where oppression, injustice and evil make people wonder where God is, we hope you’ll join us as we explore what it means to be men and women of the one true king whose kingdom is breaking in all around us, right before our very eyes.

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