James Faith & Works

The book of James comes at us like a powerful thunderstorm. It’s incredible to watch from a distance, but that same storm is a totally different experience if you get caught unprepared in it.

You see, the book of James holds no punches. It is direct, assertive, and even a bit confrontational. Its aim is not to offend, but at the same time it is unafraid to hurt feelings and step on toes in order to reveal blind spots in our lives. As you read it, you get the sense that the author of James so desperately wants us to drink more deeply from the life God has for us that he’s willing to say what no one else will say, even at the risk of relationship, so that we might experience the ‘more’ God has for us.

Over summer, we’ll be exploring this challenging, beautiful, daring book that calls us further up and further in to our life with God by saying what we don’t want to hear, revealing what we don’t want to see, and taking us to places we might not wish to go. Sounds fun, right? While we probably haven’t done a great job making this series sound like the kind of thing you might want to be a part of, James practical wisdom and sometimes searing insight might just be exactly what we need today.

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