Going Forth

After the resurrection, Jesus appeared on numerous occasions before his friends and followers. However, when they actually meet Jesus, Jesus’ disciples usually don’t meet Him at their best. Their stuck. Their past, their history, their mistakes and fears have in a sense, paralyzed them. We’ve all been there. And yet, here’s the good news: when people came face to face with Jesus, they also came face to face with themselves…

When they encountered Jesus, they also encountered their fears, worries, desires and doubts. That’s the beauty and power of the resurrection: as people experienced the presence of the risen Lord, they began to experience resurrection themselves. Fears were faced, doubts we’re overcome and shame was covered up by love as the light of Jesus drove out the darkness. If you’ve been feeling stuck, this series might be your first right step forward. So join us for our new series, “Going Forth” as we explore the power of God’s presence with us and its capacity to helped us face the unseen obstacles within us that often keep us from living the lives we’ve been made for.

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