Acts 2

After the resurrection, Jesus remains with the disciples for a brief period of time but then, without much warning, He vanishes into the sky. We call this Jesus’ ascension. Not long after His ascension, the gift Jesus had promised his followers finally arrived – the gift of the Holy Spirit. Something like a mighty rushing wind falls upon the disciples and changes them from the inside out.

Suddenly power, confidence and assurance fills Jesus’ once fearful followers and the very people who had just denied Jesus begin to proclaim him before the whole world.

While their social presence quickly changes as their courage increases, so too does the way they do life together with each other. While they are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, they begin to do life more intentionally with one another. While they will one day take the gospel to the furthest corners of the world, they must first learn to be together in such a way the reflects Christ to the world through their shared lives together.

Join us as we take the month of June to wrestle with Acts 2 in order to better understand what it means for us today.

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